About Mermaids

The Dublin Bay Mermaid was designed by JB Kearney in 1932 and still going strong today. From the oldest Amy (No. 1) to the newest 3 boats launched in 2012 Mayhem (190), Maybe (191) and Ariel (192).

This 17ft clinker built wooden dinghy provides challenging and exciting sailing for three person crews in all weathers.

In addition to club racing, there is a lively regatta & social programme with events taking place around the Irish coast between May and October each year.

The highlight of each year is Mermaid Week, usually commencing on the Saturday before the August Public Holiday (1st Monday in August) and continuing to the following Friday.

Mermaids can be found in Dun Laoghaire, Clontarf, Skerries, Rush, Wexford, Foynes, Dungarvan and Sligo. The class association is the Mermaid Sailing Association.