By Nigel Young, North Sails Ireland

Dear Mermaid Sailors,
Please see on the following link ( the quotation for our 2020 Seasonal Pricing offer for the class. This years offer is -14% discount from our retail prices and includes free delivery from the UK to our Cork or Dublin HQ as per most years. Prices quoted include the discount and VAT at 21%. The price you see is the price you pay……..

The North Sails have proven to be very competitive again in the limited racing we had this year. Going with a proven suit of sails is always a safe bet in a One Design Class like the Mermaid. Other suppliers come and go but North Sails have been supplying Championship winning sails to the class since 2008 and will still be supplying them in 2028…….Our record of Championship wins in the recent past is second to none.

Back in 2008 we started the original sail development with Paddy Dillon and he had some really nice results straight away with the sails. The MS-1 design spinnaker was an immediate success and the original mainsail design also proved to be fast but our first generation Jibs were just a little flat. With the help of Paddy and others we developed the more powerful MJ-2 Jib design which was an instant hit. We also made a few changes to the mainsail and the second generation MM-2 was a touch more powerful than the MM-1. The designs then stayed static for a while until we were approached back in June 2018 by Darragh McCormack.

Darragh had some very strong views on the upwind sails and I spent some time sailing with him and developing the new line of sails on a just in time basis for the 2018 Nationals. We came up with some very powerful sails that proved to be FAST and versatile straight out of the bag. The DMM-1 mainsail and the DMJ-1 Jib have been very successful over the last three seasons and the MS-1 spinnaker design has not changed since 2008 and has won hundreds of races…….

The Autumn offer has started and runs until the 13th Oct 2020. The terms of the 2020 deal are full payment with order and the sails will be delivered ASAP and before Christmas 2020. See full details and pricing here: For even more information about the North Mermaid sails please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Kindest Regards
Nigel Young
(M) +353 872514434