As promised we are getting some customized Dublin Bay Mermaid clothing. We are offering to get customized polo tops (€35 a piece), hoodies (€25) and gilets (€50). Each item will have the new Dublin Bay Mermaid logo embroidered on the chest and you can put your own personalised text on the right sleeve/chest. You can see the products in the images below.

It should take 2 minutes to complete the survey form and payment won’t be required for 60 days once ordered. The handiest thing would be to pay by cash at the Nationals. Please note that you can only order 1 item at a time. If you want to order more than 1 item then simply complete the survey and come back and click the link again and fill up a new survey form.
Make sure you get a confirmation message once you click ‘submit order’ at the end of the form. If you do not see a confirmation message then check that you have answered all required questions in the form. If you have any questions please drop an email to Thank you!